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Mytee Speedster Deluxe Carpet Extractor

The Speedster® line of carpet extractors are powerful, portable, user-friendly and affordable. They have features that set them apart from the competition.  Each Speedster® has waist-high switches and bucket-high drains. The Speedsters® have 10″ foam-filled wheels and 4″ locking casters for easy mobility around the job site or even stairs.

Mytee® carpet extractors represent the cutting edge in cleaning technology. Take on any job with confidence utilising the Speedster’s® combination of power and versatility. No one else even comes close.

For more information see our featured Mytee Speedster page

Try Before You Buy

Why not give the Mytee Speedster a spin before you buy? We know that investing in a new machine can be an important decision for a business, so we offer a no hassle rental service so that you can put the machine through its paces. Seeing is believing, and we’re confident that you will be impressed by the performance.

If you decide to buy at the end of your rental period, there will be no charge for rental. We will swap the rental unit for your brand new Mytee Speedster.

For more information on trying a Mytee Speedster out for yourself, contact our team.

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BA390H Stock Update

We are now out of stock of our popular BA390H vacuum bags.

We have an order to replenish stock ready and waiting to be shipped to us but unfortunately, container charges are nearly triple their usual price.

If we was to get them in now we would have to raise our prices by nearly 30% and this is not a cost we want to put on our customers, especially during current trying times.

With this in mind, please be patient as we wait for these costs to lower to a acceptable rate.

We are working closely with freight companys who are updating us regularly.

Please watch our social media platforms for up to date news.

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Covid-19 Update: Back to Business

During the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been following government guidelines by operating at a limited capacity, but with the new guidance, we are able to start our regular services again and would like to outline our safety protocols as we return to work. 

Repair Centre

Our repair centre is up and running, though we are not guaranteeing same-day repairs at this time, we are trying to get them turned around as soon as possible. 

Collections for repairs can now be booked and we will accommodate where possible, but we request customers have the machine packed and left in a safe space viable for a non-contact collection.

Hire Fleet

The hire fleet is available again for commercial use. We will be keeping the non-contact rules in place for delivery and collections both onsite and offsite. If training is required or requested, we ask that the customers wear a face mask for the duration, and our engineer will do the same.

Staff & Site Safety

Our staff are the heart of this business so any changes and planning were only right to be discussed with them, making sure they felt secure for their return to work. The following measures have been implemented; 

  • A Health & Safety Risk Assessment has been developed with our staff. This will be added to the sites risk assessment folder for long term visitors to sign when they arrive on site.
  • Information posters are in place to outline government advice about reducing the risk of infection. These instructions need to be followed whilst on the premises
  • Antibacterial hand soap and antiseptic sanitizer are stocked in both the office and workshop. Hands will be washed upon entering the building, after dealing with a customer and before exiting the building.
  • Social distancing guidelines must be followed at all times. Currently, all personal need to keep a 2m distance between themselves and others.
  • Staff will be limited to their designated work areas in order to limit personal contact and prevent cross-contamination.
  • All sales staff will continue to work from home.
  • Hard furnishings and door handles will be disinfected each time the showroom is used and soft furnishings will be deep cleaned on a bi-weekly basis at the end of the workday.

Customer Safety Guidelines

We have increased our protocols here, but we need your help to maintain them. For the safety of all our customers and staff, we ask that the following instructions be observed by any visitors.

  • 2m social distance guidelines must be followed.
  • As much business as possible should be conducted via the phone prior to a site visit.
  • Where possible, customers should stay in their vehicles and communicate via the phone. Our stores will pack your order and bring it to your vehicle.
  • If a face to face meeting is necessary, such as a machine demonstration or consultation, our showroom is open and limited to one company at a time.
  • For machine training, please ensure you are wearing a mask. Our staff will do the same.

For more information on how to be safe at work please visit the HSE website and regular check government guidelines.