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Mytee Speedster Deluxe Carpet Extractor

The Speedster® line of carpet extractors are powerful, portable, user-friendly and affordable. They have features that set them apart from the competition.  Each Speedster® has waist-high switches and bucket-high drains. The Speedsters® have 10″ foam-filled wheels and 4″ locking casters for easy mobility around the job site or even stairs.

Mytee® carpet extractors represent the cutting edge in cleaning technology. Take on any job with confidence utilising the Speedster’s® combination of power and versatility. No one else even comes close.

For more information see our featured Mytee Speedster page

Try Before You Buy

Why not give the Mytee Speedster a spin before you buy? We know that investing in a new machine can be an important decision for a business, so we offer a no hassle rental service so that you can put the machine through its paces. Seeing is believing, and we’re confident that you will be impressed by the performance.

If you decide to buy at the end of your rental period, there will be no charge for rental. We will swap the rental unit for your brand new Mytee Speedster.

For more information on trying a Mytee Speedster out for yourself, contact our team.

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