Diamabrush™ Floor Preparation & Preparation Tools

Diamabrush™ is a unique diamond abrasive floor preparation system for concrete floor polishing, coating removal for concrete and hardwood.

Hardwood Removal Tool Diamabrush Coating Removal Tool for Concrete Diamabrush Concrete Preparation Tool Diamabrush Polishing System
Coating Removal Tool for Hardwood. Coating Remmoval Tool for Concrete. Concrete Preparation. Concrete Polishing.
Remove polyurethanes, aluminium-oxide, carpet
adhesives and other hard to remove coatings from
hardwood floors.
The Coating Removal Tool is a fast, effective tool for
removal of mastic, adhesives, thin-set and thin mil
epoxies from concrete floors.
Profile old, worn, dirty floors using standard powered
cleaning equipment, such as scrubber dryers or single
disc floor machines.
By using a series of diamond abrasive tools concrete
floors can be maintained or restored to a high gloss


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