Standard Industrial Duty Hose 5 Metre

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Standard Industrial 5 Metre Hose


Standard Duty Hose 5 Metre (Antistatic as Standard).

This standard duty polyether polyurethane hose is a tough but highly flexible hose perfect for general day to day use on abrasive materials and liquids.
With the same charactoristics as the heavy duty the hose the standard duty version has a wall thickness to 0.7mm as opposed to the heavy duty hoses 1.4mm and therefore makes it less resistant to heavy use on abrasive and sharp materials.

The standard duty hose is supplied made electrically conductive by grounding the steel helix to the the cuffs which are constructed from electrically conductive polyurethane (≤10⁴ Ohm).

   ● Geneal dusts and debris   
   ● Coarse grained particles 

   ● Abrasive materials
   ● Granules
   ● Chips
   ● Fibrous materials
   ● Liquids – Water, cutting fluids,
      animal fats, hydraulic oils (mineral &
      glycol base). 

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg

Hose Description

● Highly abrasion resistant.
● Resistant to oil and fuels.
● Gas tight.
● Good chemical resistance.
● Generally good UV and ozone resistance.
● Lightweight.
● Extremely flexible.
● Small bend radius.
● Nearly smooth inside.
● Electrically conductive to BGR 132 by
grounding spiral.


Hose Bore

Hose Composition


Bend Radius

Wall Thickness

Temperature Range




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