Numatic Henry Hose, 2.5m, 32mm

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Our replacement hose for Henry vacuum cleaner is cheap and high quality. The length of our Henry hoover hose is 2.5m and its’ 32mm diametre also fits a wide range of other Numatic vacuum cleaners.



  • Numatic James JVP180
  • Henry HVR200-22
  • Hetty HET200-22
  • Xtra HVX200-22
  • Micro HVR200M-22
  • Charles CVC370-2
  • George GVE370-2
  • AVO250-2
  • AVQ380-2
  • CRQ370-2
  • MFQ370-22
  • NQS250B-22
  • NQS350B-22
  • NRV200-22
  • NRV370-22
  • NRV380-22
  • NVP180-2
  • NVP200-2
  • NVP370-2
  • NVQ200-22
  • NVQ370-22
  • NVQ380-22
  • RSV/RSAV130-1
  • RSV200-1
  • WV370-2
  • WV380-2
  • WV470-2

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Weight 0.57 kg

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