Nilfisk Advance Front Squeegee 3/16 X 37 X 2-5/8 WCS No. SQNF77

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Nilfisk Advance Front Squeegee for a range of Nilfisk Advance

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Nilfisk Front Squeegee

Material:   Tan


3/16 x 37 x 2-5/8

Hole/Notch: 10H 6N



Recommended Applications:

Advance 34RST (Narrow-Isle Option) Advance Adgressor 3210C
Advance Adgressor 3210C-AXP
Advance Adgressor 3210D
Advance Adgressor 3210D-AXP
Advance Adgressor 3220C
Advance Adgressor 3220C-AXP
Advance Adgressor 3220D
Advance Adgressor 3220D-AXP
Advance Adhancer (32″)
Advance Adphibian
Advance Advenger (32″)
Advance AquaPLUS
Advance AquaPLUS AXP
Advance AX 651 Combi EDS
Advance BA 725
Advance BA 755 (Narrow-Isle Option)
Advance BA 855 (Narrow-Isle Option)
Advance BR 800S
Advance BR 800SC
Advance Convertamatic 260
Advance Convertamatic 26C-C
Advance Convertamatic 26D
Advance Convertamatic 26D-C
Advance Convertamatic 280
Advance Convertamatic 28C-C
Advance Convertamatic 28D
Advance Convertamatic 28D-C
Advance Convertamatic X26C-C
Advance Convertamatic X26D-C
Advance Convertamatic X28C-C
Advance Convertamatic X28D-C

Recommended to Replace:

  • Nilfisk/Advance OEM 314060
  • Nilfisk/Advance OEM 56314060
  • Nilfisk / Advance 56315348




Additional information

Weight 0.41 kg
Dimensions 37 × 2 cm




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