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40ft Long reach gutter vaccum pole set.


The KIT22 Long Reach Gutter Vacuum Pole set is a tool of professionals. Used by facility/ warehouse managemnet and window/gutter cleaning proffesionals all over,

Usually gutter cleaning can be a hazardous job, using the traditional method of scooping the refuse by hand whilst standing on a ladder.Now, by using the Long Reach Gutter Vacuum Pole you can clear the debris whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground, allowing you to reach previously inaccessible with your portable Wet/Dry vacuum.

Too much of the time gutter cleaning is left until a the blockages cause unnecessary damage to buildings and warehouses. Blockages and build ups can divert or stop water flow, causing water damage and heavy waste build ups in places where the ground is not suitable to place a ladder, warehouses or conservatories.

Works well when used with wet/dry vacuums such as the IW80.

Will fit most wet and dry vacuum cleaners; as it comes supplied with a 38 / 51mm hose adapter too.


Length Per Pole: 1.2m / 4ft
Diameter: 51mm
620g per pole

Kit includes:

-51mm aluminium gutter tool

-51mm silicone 135 degree U-bend

-51mm – 38mm silicone cuff reducer

-51mm reducer nozzle

-Stainless steel gutter pole brackets

-10 x 4ft poles

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Compatible With:


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