Lift & Tip – Drum Ring for 140 Litre Drum

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Drum Ring for 140 Litre Drum


Drum Ring for 140 Litre Drum.
This all metal ring is part of the Lift & Tip System. The Drum Ring is attached to the drum enabling the Drum Lifting Bracket to be attached, use a forklift  or crane to lift the drum via the bracket and rotate the drum to empty the contents.
The Drum Ring can stay as a permanant fixture and does not need to be removed between operations.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg

Lift & Tip

Use a crane or folk lift to empty or transport heavy loads with the Lift & Tip system.
The Lift & Tip enables a drum full of heavy waste to be lifted and emptied easily and safely and comprises of two pieces, the drum ring and the lifting bracket.


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