Lavor Comfort S-R 100

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£15,410.22ex vat£18,492.26inc vat



  • Large loading capacity of the tanks, which determines a reduced number of stops and maximum use of the battery charge for the effective operation of the machine
  • Ideal for the maintenance and deep cleaning of medium or large areas (up to 7400 m2) with a significant reduction in cleaning costs
  • Stability even at full load
  • More than 130 kg mx of pressure on the brushes (SR 100 Up)
  • Front-wheel drive system with small turning radius.
  • Wheel protection system (SR 100 Up)
  • Easy access to electrical components
  • Electric brush plate and squeegee lifting device
  • Automatic squeegee safety device when reversing
  • Automatic system that interrupts the movement of the brushes and the flow of detergent when the machine is stopped
  • Anti-foam device
  • Self-levelling brush plate
  • High capacity batteries that increase the efficiency of cleaning operations
  • Distribution of the cleaning solution with pump (SR 100 Up)
  • Front lighting system (SR 100 Up)


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