Chemspec Formula 90 Powder (10kg)

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Buffered detergent for all your heavily soiled carpet cleaning jobs, both commercial and residential


The world’s best-selling carpet cleaner. Economical powdered formulation outcleans competitive products, is low foaming and includes corrosion inhibitors to protect extraction equipment.

Directions: Dilution for a portable extraction machine: Mix 2 scoops 57g per 18.9lt of water. Dilution for Truckmounts: Mix 680g per 18.9lt of water. For best results: 1) Fill container ½ full with warm water. 2) Slowly add 680g of product and warm water simultaneously until container reaches 18.9lt. 3) Stir mixture 2 – 3 minutes or until powder is dissolved.

pH @ use: 10.0 – 11.0

Coverage: Up to 280 sq. mtrs. per 500g

Appearance: Light yellow powder

Fragrance: Citrus

Chempsec Part Number: UK9022

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Weight 10 kg
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