Electrolux Vacuum Bags

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Paper dust bags for Electrolux E82. (Pack of 5)


To fit:

  • Electrolux E82
  • Panasonic MC-E40
  • Electrolux BOSS E82 Series Z2270 
  • Stairmaster Z2271 Z2272 Z2274 Z2280 Z2283 Z2284 Z2285 Z2286 HILIGHT Z2901 Z2905 Z2910 E82N U82 
  • LG Slimax TB.U55 VU5546 VU5585 VUP545 UR.8 UVC545 1400
  • Morphy Richards ULTRALIGHT 733 Series
  • Panasonic MCE40 MCE41 MCE42 ME43 MCE44 MCE45 MCE46 MCE53 MCE54 MCE55 MCE450 MCE451 MCE452 MCE453 MCE455 MCE456 MCE457 MCE458 MCE459 MCE460 MCE461 MCE463 MCE465 MCE467 MCE468 MCE469 MCE47 MCE470 MCE471 MCE472 MCE480E MCE540 MCE56 MCE553 MCE554 MCE555 MCE560K MCE561K MCE562 MCE564 MCE566 MCE567 MCE568 MCE569 ICON SERIES MCE581 MCE582 MCE583 MCE590 U2R
  • Sanyo SC-A42 SCA-6N SC-PU1 SC-u8 SC-u9 SCU11 A5A SC-A5A SCA-4AN SCA-6A 
  • Sharp EC-12S 30R EC-12S50

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