17″ HTC Twister Diamond Pad Red

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Eco- friendly stone floor polishing pads for surfaces such as marble, terrazzo, concrete etc.Twister™ is a revolutionary cleaning system consisting of floor pads prepared with billions of microscopic diamonds which clean and polish the floor mechanically instead of using chemicals. This system is part of eco-friendly cleaning revolution.Twister can be used on the most common floor surfaces such as terrazzo, natural stone, concrete, vinyl and epoxy. Twister is the tool that transforms your dull, worn floors into clean, glossy and brightly polished floors.  Twister is so effective that the result is a clean and hygienic floor without any need for layers of wax and polish. The only totally eco-friendly cleaning concept alternative to traditional chemical- based cleaning.


4 reasons to clean smarter:

  • Outstanding quality- the use of mechanical cleaning with billions of microscopic diamonds for high level of gloss, extreme cleanliness and easier maintenance.

  • Cost Efficient- no periodic maintenance needed, longer lifetime, no chemicals needed, reduced cleaning time.

  • Environmental sustainability-  reduced chemicals usage as only water needed in daily cleaning; no vax or polish needed. The Twister method is the first cleaning system recommended by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

  • User- friendly-  With the Twister system you only need water for cleaning, Dry mop the floor, select the appropriate Twister pad, add water and start your auto- scrubber. This is all you have to do to get a perfect finish. The Twister pad fits all types of machines, it replaces your regular pads and chemicals, an effective method that saves time. One cleaning phase with Twister is enough, even on the most demanding surfaces.

DCS Twister White:

  • DCS Twister Standard Method: A three step process that is performed during the standard cleaning routine. For optimal results each Twister step normally requires 2-3 weeks of operating with Floor Conditioner depending on the condition of the floor when you start the process. No extra time or human effort is required for the Twister Standard method. Use Twister White during daily maintenance until a clean and uniform surface appears. Change to Twister Yellow and increase the luster, now the brilliance of the floor appears. Continue to process with Twister Green and the result will be an incomparably shiny and clean floor. For daily maintenance use Twister Green to maintain the floor’s shine and splendor.  

  • DCS Twister Intensive Method for deep cleaning and upgrading : The intensive method for deep cleaning and upgrading means that the process is being performed in one sequence without the floor being walked on, for example during overnight. 1)First the floor is deep cleaned using the White Twister pad. 10 passes over the floor surface is recommended for optimal result. 2)After 10 passes the White Twister pad is replaced by a yellow Twister pad and the same process is applied.3) Finally the Yellow Twister pad is replaced by a Green Twister pad and the process with 10 passes is applied. Now the floor is deep cleaned and upgraded to a nice and shiny surface with a lot of lustre. This surface is preserved by regular/ daily use of the green Twister pad.

  • Twister White– Step 1 for the Standard or Intensive Twister Method. Twister White will remove tiny scratches from the surface and leaves silky matte, cleaned and well prepared surface for the subsequent Twister steps.

  • Twister White is the Step 1 on deep cleaning/upgrading, suitable floor type: terrazzo, marble, limestone, vinyl, VCT, linoleum, rubber floor, unglazed ceramic tiles, epoxy.


DCS floor maintenance guide
Floor Type How to clean with Twister Recommended DCS Products
Terrazzo/Marble/Limestone/Granite  Ideal for upgrading and daily maintenance with Twister Green. Dry buffing is effective for higher gloss. On surfaces in good condition, treated with chemical crystallization, use only Twister Green for maintenance. Twister Red/White/Yellow/Green
Plastic/Vinyl  Ideal for upgrading and daily maintenance with Twister Green. Dry buffing is effective for higher gloss. Twister Green gives ultra high shine “wet look” on wax coatings in good condition. Twister White/Yellow/Green
Ceramic Tiles  Ideal for upgrading and daily maintenance with Twister Green. If necessary we , we recommend the upgrade be started with Twister Red. Twister Red/White/Yellow/Green
Linoleum  Daily maintenance with Twister Green. Twister Green
HTC Superfloor/Polished Concrete  Daily maintenance with Twister Green. Dry buffing is effective for higher gloss. Twister Green
Power Trowelled Concrete  Ideal for upgrading and daily maintenance with Twister Green. Twister White/Yellow/Green
Unpolished Concrete  Daily maintenance with Twister Black. For surfaces with high cleaning frequency switch to Twister Red. Twister Red/Black
Resin Floors (Epoxy, Acrylic)  Old floors- daily maintenance with Twister Red. For extremely dirty surfaces use Twister Black. New floors- daily maintenance with Twister Green. Twister Black/Red/Green

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