I.C.E. I28BT Scrubber Dryer with Traction Drive

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The I.C.E I28BT is a large battery and traction powered walk-behind scrubber. Comes complete, ergonomic, robust and easy to use with up to 4 hours working time on a single charge. Ideal choice for cleaning contractors and facility management companies.

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Clean your floors from as little as £66.67 per week, price includes maintenance contract.
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Water and cleaning chemical is applied through the front scrubbing brush, the liquids are vacuumed up by the 1000mm wide parabolic squeegee at the rear of the scrubber dryer and collected in the 120 litre recovery tank.
A flexible hose is fitted to empty the recovery tank of the dirty recovered liquids, the top of the scrubber drier swings open on hinges for easy filling of clean water and cleaning chemicals.



  • Enhanced cleaning efficiency–  Dual brush design, and 800mm cleaning width
  • Fully automatic control system
  • 100L solution tank–  Ideal for large area cleaning in supermarkets, factories, warehouses, train and underground stations
  • HIgh quality and durability– steel chassis and aluminium casted pick up tool and brush base
  • Additional pressure system- suitable for every floor surface, the 710mm wide (28”) brush has adjustable pressures of 18, 36 and 54kg which enables good contact even on uneven floors and different types of surfaces. 
  • Working efficiency 2850 m/hr² 
  • No Wet Spots– The scrubber dryers vacuum motor shuts down 5 seconds after machine has been turned off making sure that the squeegee and hoses are clear of liquid.
  • Traction Drive– Whereas the non traction drive models are propelled forwards by the rotation of the brush, the traction drive models use a drive shaft to the wheels to enable moment, the advantage of this is the scrubber drier has the ability to reverse.
  • Be Safe & Seen– The I.C.E 28BT Scrubber dryer is fitted with a flashing front red light enabling the cleaning machine and operator to be seen by other vehicles such as forklift trucks. Also fitted as standard is a large  ’emergency stop’ button situated at the rear of the scrubber dryer just below the control panel.


  • 2x Scrub Brushes
  • 2x Pad Holders
  • Built in battery charger 
  • Nozzle with squeegee rubbers

Optional Extras

  • 4 x 6 Volt 260 ah/20hr maintenance free AGM batteries


Scrubbing Width      700mm
Squeegee Width     1185mm
Brush Head Speed  200tpm
Brush Power   24V/650W
Vacuum Motor     24V/600W
Brush Pressure      18/36/54kg
Solution Tank  100L
Tank   120L
Capacity           2,850 m2/hr
Dimensions    1550 x 1195 x 1130
Battery    3 x 12V/150Ah
Weight w/out Battery  160kg
Weight with Battery   300kg

Additional information

Weight 300 kg
Battery Options


Machine Range

Power Type

Performance. Max Area.

Run Time

Cleaning Width / Brush

Cleaning Width / Squeegee

Type of Drive

Brush Speed

Brush Pressure

Brush Motor Power

Vacuum Motor Power

Delayed Vacuum Shut Off

Recovery Tank Capacity

Emergency Stop

Flashing Safety Light




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