DCS Hybrid Pad Holder

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£36.00ex vat£43.20inc vat

DCS Hybrid Pad Holder is part of the DCS Hybrid system that gives new life to damaged and hevaily worn natural stone and terrazzo.

£36.00ex vat£43.20inc vat£36.00ex vat£43.20inc vat


  • The DCS Hybrid method is a combination of light grinding and the Twister method and will refurbish a worn stone floor with major scratches and “orange peel”. Start with the Hybrid Black disc and immediately follow up with the Hybrid Red disc for light grinding on the stone surface. Finish by using the standard Twister process to bring up the shine.
  • For maximum lifestyle and best results, mount the DCS Twister pads to a pad holder without a central lock. The DCS Hybrid pads must be used together with a DCS pad holder.

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